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What is Open Loop?

Open Loop is a global program that connects policymakers and technology companies to help develop effective and evidence-based policies around AI and other emerging technologies. The program, initiated and supported by Meta, builds on the collaboration and contributions of a consortium composed of regulators, governments, tech businesses, academics and civil society representatives. Through experimental governance methods, Open Loop members co-create policy prototypes and test new and different approaches to laws and regulations before they are enacted, improving the quality of rulemaking processes in the field of tech policy.

What’s in it for participating businesses

  • Leverage the training, tutorials, toolkits, mentorship, networks, resources and technical assistance provided by the Open Loop consortium
  • Contribute to reducing complexity and costs of implementing AI policy frameworks
  • Engage with a vibrant community of AI companies, including Meta
  • Be publicly acknowledged as industry leader in the area of Responsible AI
  • Co-create sound and operational AI governance together with policy makers
  • Build trust with users and the policy community
  • Discuss best practices and technical insights with industry peers
  • Contribute directly to shaping and better informing the AI Governance debate

Emerging tech is everywhere – why AI?

Policy making is highly relevant for all emerging technologies. We are starting with AI because we believe that there is a specific need for policy experimentation in this field.

This belief is built on two main observations

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