Human-centric AI


Open Loop is launching a new policy prototyping project intended to guide and enable companies in India to implement the AI principle of human centricity, as enshrined in the national AI principles of India, and in a way that accounts for local and regional cultural factors with an emphasis on stakeholder engagement.

The program will follow the policy prototyping methodology developed by Open loop. In particular, the Open Loop consortium will test a framework and operational guidance (which together form the “policy prototype”) for identifying and incorporating community voices and accounting for local realities across the AI systems lifecycle with companies (AI startups) in India. Through this methodological approach, we will produce a report with policy recommendations based on the experience of participants in receiving, handling and implementing the policy prototype, while testing its clarity, effectiveness and actionability.

The policy prototype project engages 10 companies providing B2C services from different sectors in India, including Agriculture, Health, Finance, Education and Content Moderation. The inception phase with participating companies will start in December 2022 and will run until April 2023.

On 11 October 2022, Open Loop hosted an in-person Experts Roundtable in New Delhi with a broad group of multi stakeholder experts from different sectors (a number of civil society organizations, academia and industry) to share insights on the role of stakeholder engagement in the implementation of the principle of ‘human- centric’ AI across a company and the AI system lifecycle in India.

The policy prototyping program consists of:

  1. A framework that features high-level focus areas that can be used by companies to implement AI principles at the organizational level and across the development lifecycle of the AI system. The framework also provides guidance on the development of strategies for stakeholder engagement and the incorporation of context.

  2. Operational guidance for the principle of ‘human-centric’ AI that provides examples as to how the principle of human-centric AI can be implemented as per the framework. The guidance is informed by the principle of Protection and Reinforcement of Positive Human Values from the Responsible AI principles defined in India, as well as research around the concept of ‘human-centric’ AI and ‘human-centered’ machine learning.

  3. Prototype Tasks that companies will go through to implement the framework and operational guidance. These tasks will  focus on developing a strategy for stakeholder engagement and incorporating context when contextualizing the AI principle.

This policy prototyping program will:

  • Guide companies in undertaking meaningful stakeholder engagement throughout the implementation of a principle across the AI system lifecycle.
  • Contribute to ensuring that AI systems account for the context they are deployed in and the lived experiences of impacted communities and individuals.
  • Help companies identify areas of risk and the pressure points across the AI system lifecycle that can be improved or addressed as per identified values.
  • Raise awareness of the socio-technical impact of AI systems.

For this Open Loop program, we are collaborating with industry partners operating in India, Indian governmental entities and regulatory authorities, academics, and other non-governmental organizations, including ArtEZ University and The Dialogue (think tank) in India.

Participating start-ups

Group of Experts

Nikhil Narendran Trilegal Partner – Telecom, Media and Technology Practice
Ameen Jauhar Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy Senior Resident Fellow – Centre for Applied Law and Technology Research
Asna Siddiqui INDIAai – NASSCOM Head
Sarayu Natarajan Aapti Institute Founder
Prateek Sibal UNESCO Programme Specialist – Digital Innovation and Transformation
Chloé Bakalar Meta Chief Ethicist
Amber Sinha Policy Director of Research
Dr M. Manivannan IIT Madras Professor – Dept. of. Applied Mechanics
Beni Chugh Dvara Research Research Manager – Future of Finance Initiative
Avik Sarkar Indian School of Business Visiting Associate Professor – Data, Technology & Public Policy