Open Loop won the "CogX Award"

Open Loop won the "CogX Award for Outstanding Achievements & Research Contributions, Tech Regulation"

CogX is the home of the world’s biggest and most inclusive Festival of AI, Blockchain, the Metaverse and all the latest Transformational Technologies, which this year will take place on 13th-15th June, in London. In 2019, it brought together over 600 speakers and 20,000 members of the AI community to discuss the Impact of AI and emerging technology.

On Monday 14th March 2022, at the annual CogX Awards ceremony, 61 Awards were announced from Best Innovation to Recognizing Leadership. Open Loop, the innovative experimental governance program supported by Meta, was distinguished with the award for Outstanding Achievements & Research Contributions, Tech Regulation (see the full list of the CogX 2022 Award Winners here).

Historically, the Awards have included some of the most successful up-and-coming technology start-ups and entrepreneurs. Past winners also include Deepmind, PwC, AstraZeneca, OpenAI and Spotify.

Thank you to all our incredible partners, participants and collaborators. This award is for all of you.

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