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A Global Experimental Governance Program


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People-centric approaches through product and policy prototyping - Get active with TTC Labs and Open Loop

How might we design data-driven services powered by AI with people’s best interests in mind? And how might policy be a creative force for services to innovate responsibly with AI? TTC Labs and Open Loop, in partnership with Facebook Startup Programs & Singapore’s IMDA, bring together actors from government, academia and civil society with industry and startups across Europe and APAC to explore people-centered approaches to algorithmic explainability at the intersection of product-making and policy-making contexts. The project will generate connected insights to help inform policy and product making pathways.

Sign up to co-create with us on 27 September and 20 October and find out everything about the program here.

Open Loop publishes its first report: "AI Impact Assessment: A Policy Prototyping Experiment"
OPEN LOOP - Report Design

This report presents the findings and recommendations of the Open Loop’s policy prototyping program on AI Impact assessment, which was rolled out in Europe from September to November 2020.

As the report outlines, the results of Open Loop’s first policy prototyping experiment were very promising. Based on feedback from the companies we collaborated with, our prototype version of a law requiring AI risk assessments, combined with a playbook for how to implement it, was clearly valuable to the participants as a tool for identifying and mitigating risks from their AI applications that they may not have addressed otherwise. 

The experiences of our partners highlighted how this sort of risk assessment approach can inform a more flexible, practicable, and innovative method to assessing and managing AI risks compared to more prescriptive policy approaches.

Read the full report here.

Introducing Open Loop, a global program bridging tech and policy innovation

To help develop forward-looking policies around the development and use of new technology, we are launching Open Loop, a global strategic initiative and consortium to connect policymakers and technology companies to develop evidence-based policy recommendations.

Read Norberto Andrade’s Facebook AI blogpost on the launch of Open Loop here.

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